Friday, February 03, 2006

Report: Defining the research agenda for the next decade

The Digital Curation Centre (and its partners in the November 2005 workshop) has created a report from that event (21 pages). The introduction "Digital Curation and Preservation: Defining the research agenda for the next decade" says:
The workshop focussed on three main strands in parallel breakout sessions and group discussions. Each breakout group considered one of the following topics: Curation Services and Technologies, Drivers and Barriers (policy issues); and Data Life Cycle Management (process issues). Each session was chaired by a leading expert on the topic and the groups were asked to consider the topic in relation to the following categories: the scope and definition of each topic, the current state of play nationally and internationally; what the vision was likely to be over the next 5 to 10 years; what we needed to do to achieve this vision; what were the dependencies on which achievement of the vision would be based, and what were the priorities. The breakout groups are described in more detail in the Appendices; each group tackled and presented their work in the way which was felt to be most appropriate.

The results of all the groups are summarised in section 2. These are organised, for ease of reading, into three areas: (1) those topics which recurred in the groups, and which therefore deserve special note, (2) those which were specific to individual groups and (3) a number concerned with general policy and Infrastructure
The third topic -- Data Life Cycle Management -- is one where I hope they will do more work. The notes in the report on this section are brief, likely because this is an area that still very much underdevelopment.

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