Monday, December 19, 2005

Using your project's blog to really communicate & be transparent

One of the speakers at the 2005 SLA Annual Conference talked about transparency. He (whose name I can't remembers) believes that organizations should be transparent. In other words, what they do and how they do it should be visible to all; obvious to all. One way of doing that is to use your blog -- and your web site -- to communicate to your users about what's happening. Tell them the good and the bad.

An interesting example of this is Bloglines where they've been having some problems. Their news says, "Bloglines performance has sucked eggs lately. Why? In short, Bloglines has been busting at the seams like the Incredible Hulk." Nothing like being honest! What are they doing to fix it? They are taking the system off-line in order to move to a bigger data center. Every Bloglines page contains a note/link to additional information.

Is your digital library/digitization program being transparent? Are you telling your users what they really need to know? Are you communicating with them, perhaps even over-communicating?

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