Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Events: Online Copyright and Licensing Courses

As posted to BUSLIB-L (with slight editing):

Author, educator and copyright lawyer, Lesley Ellen Harris, is offering a variety of online courses on copyright and licensing this Fall through Copyrightlaws.com. Topics include Canadian, U.S. and international copyright law as 3 different primer courses, and the 3 advanced courses are on Digital Content Management, Managing Copyright Issues and Digital Licensing Agreements. Lesley will moderate closed discussion lists for the advanced courses. The courses range from 6 - 27 e-lessons, and from 3 - 9 weeks. See www.acteva.com/go/copyright for further information.

Many of these courses are also bring offered by associations for their members. However, you must be members of these associations to register with them: Palinet (www.palinet.org/learn); FLICC (http://www.loc.gov/flicc/ma/2005/ma0533.pdf); and SLA (http://www.sla.org/content/learn/clicku.cfm).

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