Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Article: Just What Is Google?

Yes, Google is digitizing books and creating lots of new products. But what is Google? Many would say is a media company that is delivering content -- and ads -- to your computer screen.
Where the company's bread is buttered right now is clear: Nearly every one of its billions of dollars comes from selling advertising that appears when people search the Web using its ultrapopular search engine. With analysts saying more and more ads will be moving away from TV and print to online, Google would seem to have a bright future just doing what it's doing.

But Google has also become the world's biggest "media" company, larger than TimeWarner, according to some, if a company can have that moniker without producing any original content. Others have their own ideas about what is, arguably, the most intriguing company on the planet.
What this article is saying has been said elsewhere, but it's a good write-up. Worth skimming if this is new to you.

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