Tuesday, June 14, 2005

NC ECHO surveying statewide digitization projects

A few weeks ago, North Carolina Exploring Cultural Heritage Online (NC ECHO) put out a call on the DigiStates discussion list for statewide projects to respond to a survey. Recently a list was posted of those projects that had responded. Where are there statewide digitization projects occurring? This list gives us a good starting point.
Who's missing from the list? Well, off the top of my head, there are also the New Jersey Digital Highway (http://www.njdigitalhighway.org/), and the Maine Memory Network (http://www.mainememory.net/). Who else can you think of? Post a comment and let us know. Let's build a comprehensive list! Perhaps we'll unearth a project that has not yet been recognized.

BTW, there is not a statewide project in New York. The state has not initiated anything and no one else has been able to muster the support ($) to begin such a project. However, there are themes that run across NYS and lots of possible content to create a dynamite project. (Keep in mind that NYS was one of the original 13 colonies and that a lot of history has occurred in NYS -- women's rights, abolition, the Erie Canal, various wars, etc. And let us not forget that New York City was the capitol of the U.S. for a short time.)


Charles W. Bailey, Jr. said...

Collaborative Digitization Projects in the United States

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