Friday, February 11, 2005

How many blogs do you track?

I've started using Bloglines as my blog reader and the number of blogs I have it track is increasing quickly. I'm now up to 15 and suspect that by early next week, I'll be over 20. This is allowing me to really read those blogs in my "blog roll" that are important to me. And I'm using those blogs to find others pertinent blogs through a Bloglines search feature.

So how many blogs do you read/track really? According to Bloglines:
The average Bloglines user tracks more than 20 news feeds. The most we've ever heard of is 1,400 news feeds. Not everybody has the stamina for that amount of information.

They go onto to say that reading blogs is habit forming. I guess it is (as is
writing one).

* * * * *

BTW I've added a button to Digitization 101 (in the left column) so you can subscribe automatically to this blog through Bloglines.


Judi Singleton said...

Jill, It was you who visited my blog and introduced me to the way to track blogs now I am up to my ears in blogs. Would you like to link blogs. It brings the search engine rating up and it also brings more visitors. Judi

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